sharia dhimmi WorldWide Caliphate

23_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. ERRORS WITH REGARD TO JESUS ​​in the Qur'an is attributed to As soon as Jesus was born, the miracle of speaking adult (Sura 19:29,30). The Bible, in all its infancy narratives of Jesus, not attributes, no miracle to Jesus, for no one of the first that of the marriage Cana (John 2:1-12). ERRORS WITH REGARD TO MARIA With regard to Maria the Koran, not faithfully reflects, as sent by God the Bible. The father of Maria not was Imram (Sura 66:12). Maria not she gave birth to Jesus under an tree of palm trees (Sura 19:22) but in a stable (Luke 2:20). Mary (Miriam in Hebrew and Arabic) mother of Jesus not is the same Mary "sister of Aaron" who lived hundreds of years earlier. O sister of Aaron, your father not was an wicked, nor thy mother a woman unchaste. (Sura 19:28)

24_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. of CONFUSION NAMES The Quran suggests different names about the biblical characters such as Goliath is Gialut; Saul is Talut; Enoch is Idris Ezekiel is Dhu'l-Khifl, John the Baptist is Yahya; Jonah is Yunus, Jesus is Aisa ... and others. AGES and CONFUSED OVERLAPPED. Abraham not he was cast in the fire by Nimrod as the Qur'an states (Surah 21:68,69; 9:69). Nimrod lived several centuries earlier of Abraham. The Quran says that Haman lived in the time of Moses, he worked for Pharaoh and built the tower of Babel (suras 28:38; 29:39, 40:23, 24.36 to 37). The Bible documents that, to purpose of Aman, this he lived in Persia in the service of the King Ahasuerus (Book of Ester 3:1-7). The crucifixion not was in use at the time of the pharaoh, as the Qur'an states (Surah 7:124). in the Quran is reported that

25_37.[ ]. an Samaritan contributed to the making of the golden calf at the time of Moses (Sura 20:85-97). as there could be an Samaritan to time, given that Samaria not exist until 722 BC About? The Islamic tradition says that the Ka'ba, after being destroyed of the Flood, it was rebuilt to Mecca from Ibrāhīm (the biblical Abraham) and his son Isma'il (Ishmael the Bible) ( Cor. 2.125, 3.97, 2.127). but this tradition is absurd. that Abraham has gone so far to the south, him that also according to the Koran worked in Palestine and whose tomb according to the common Muslim interpretation is located in Hebron, is logically impossible. Looking at the above-mentioned discrepancies between and the Bible the Koran, in Contrast with the affirmation of the Muslims, that the Qur'an confirms the Bible, we should ask them why then the information of the Bible are conflicting with those on the Koran.
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26_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ].. [THE KORAN CONTRARY if SAME]. CREATION in HOW MANY DAYS and in WHAT ORDER? The Qur'an states that creation is which took place in 6 days Allah is your Lord, the One that in Six days has created the heavens and and the earth then it is on the Throne. has covers the day with the night, each pursuing the other urgently. And the sun, the moon and the stars are subservient to His command. not is to He that the creation and belong the order? (Sura 7:54). in Verily, your Lord is Allah, the One that in Six days and created the heavens, the earth, then He established Himself upon the throne to govern everything. not there is no intercessor, without His permission. Such is Allah, your Lord, so worship Him. Will reflect [about it]? (Sura 10:3)
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27_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. is He that has created the heavens and The earth in Six days - then [was] upon the waters His Throne -, for sift those of you. act for good. and if you say "You will be resurrected after death," those that are unbelievers. Certainly. say, "This is clear magic." (Sura 11:7). while it states that is which took place in 8 days Di '"Would you perhaps deny Him that in two days has created the earth [and would like] to attribute similar? He is the Lord of the worlds. has frame [on earth] the mountains, 'has and blessed in four days of equal duration has distributed food ", [this is the answer] to those that questioning. then he turned to the sky that was smoke and said to and that the earth "Come ye together, for for love or force." They said "We come obedient."
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28_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. Settled in, two days and seven heavens for every assigned the sky His function. and We adorned the lower heaven more near of lights and of a protection. this is the decree of the Most High, of the Wise! (Sura 41:9-12) in the Sura 2:29 of the Earth is created before the heaven He has created for to you that that there is on earth. then it is and looking at the sky it has ordered seven heavens. He is the All-Knowing. (Sura 2:29). but in the Surah 79:27-32 the opposite happens Would you more difficult to create or the heaven that [He] has built? It has increased the time and the has given perfect harmony, has His obscures the fact and night has shine the light of the fact his day. Afterof what has extended the earth it has water and stretch the pastures, and the mountains has anchored, (Sura 79:27-32).
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29_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. THE DAYS of ALLAH. in the Sura 22:47 and 32:5 an day of Allah is equal to one thousand Earth years They ask thee of hasten the punishment. But Allah will not fail in His promise. Indeed an only day with your Lord, that as one thousand years of those that counted. (Sura 22:47). of the directs the whole affair of the sky and the earth then all to ascend He, in an Day that will be as one thousand years of the your count. (Sura 32:5). instead the Sura 70:4 states that an day of God is equivalent to fifty thousand human years Angels and the spirit ascend to Him an Day the length of which is of fifty thousand years . (Sura 70:4). [THE KORAN CONTRARY if SAME]. ONE GOD? in the Koran as God speaks not it was only one then of this drop, we made adherence and adhesion, an embryo, the embryo we created, bones and
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30_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. clothed the bones of Meat. and then we developed, another creature. So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators! (Sura 23:14). [THE KORAN CONTRARY if SAME]. CHRISTIANS in PARADISE? According to Sura 2:62 and 5:69 Christians can go to heaven when they die in Surely those who believe, whether Jews, Nazarenes and Sabaeans, all those, that they believe in Allah and in 'Last Day and do good deeds will receive their reward with their Lord. not they will have nothing and to fear not they grieve. (Sura 2:62). Those, that believe, the Jews and the Sabians or Nazarenes anyone who believes in Allah and and the Last Day does good, not they will have nothing to fear and not shall they grieve. (Sura 5:69). then however the Sura3 85 and 5:72 what is denied.
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31_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia for sharia, dhimmi and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, his worship not it will be accepted, and he will be, between the losers. (Sura 3:85). are Surely, disbelievers are those that they say "Allah is the Messiah, son of Maria! ". while the Messiah said "O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord." How to whosoever sets up rivals to Allah, Allah has forbidden Paradise, his refuge is the Fire. The unjust not have helpers! (Sura 5:72) .. [THE KORAN CONTRARY if SAME]. and The INTERCESSORY?. The day of the Resurrection quench your thirst Muhammad, Muslims, with the waters of the basin, and through him are believers of hope to have an audience with God's intercession, to Safa, between all the prophets, is granted only to Mohammed,
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32_37.[ in virtue of the his heavenly journey, mirage, in the presence of God However, some Qur'anic passages deny any possibility, of intercession (eg Sura 2:48) while other ( for example, Sura 20:109), favor the evolution of the doctrine Safa to. in that Day, you can enjoy, intercession, only with the permission of the Compassionate, and part of those whose words will be, which he accepted. (Sura 20:109). not benefit of no intercession, to the one that has done an deal with the Compassionate. (Sura 19:87). Who intercedes of good intercession, he will, and a part of who, interceding of bad intercession, they will be responsible. Allah oversees on all things. (Sura 4:85). and fear the Day where no soul can, anything, for another, in which not is accepted, and no intercession nothing it can be compensated for. They will not be helped. (Sura 2:48).
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33_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia: for sharia, dhimmi: and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. . [THE KORAN CONTRARY if: SAME]. STATEMENTS VERY LITTLE conciliatory between: of: THEM. Arises, between: you a community, that: invitations to the good, the good habits and recommends: prohibit what that: is: reprehensible. Here are those that: thrive. (Sura 3:104). then: you write: not: is, to: to guide you, but: is: Allah, that: guides whom He wills. and: all: the one that: give in the: good will be to: your advantage, if: you give only: for: tending to the Face of Allah. and: all: the one, that: give, in the: good will be returned and: not: be wronged. (Sura 2:72). then: is added. if: your Lord willed, all those that: are: on earth would have believed. Is to: you force them to be believers? (Sura X: 99). No one can believe, if Allah not: allow it. He allocates those abomination, that: not: reason. (Sura 10:100)
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34_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia: for sharia, dhimmi: and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. and: again. Of ': "O mankind! There is: come to the truth of the part: your Lord. Who is: it is a straight path: for: if: the same, and: who if: it does away only: to: its damage. I do not: are: responsible of: you. " (Sura 10:108). Follow this that: you is: was revealed and: bear with: patience until Allah judge. He is: the best of judges. (Sura 10:109). and: again: if: your Lord had willed, He would of done: all men, one community. Rather not: stop of: be: contrast between: them (Sura 11:118). except: those: on whom your Lord has: His granted: mercy. for: this: he has: created. This makes for the Word of the: thy Lord: "Verily fill Hell of: men and: of: demons together. (Sura 11:119).
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35_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia: for sharia, dhimmi: and, WorldWide Caliphate ].. [THE KORAN CONTRARY if: SAME]. CHANGES IN THE WORDS of: ALLAH. [...] The words of Allah not: undergo alteration, this: is: the immense success. (Sura 10:64). [...] No one can change the words of Allah. (Sura 6:34) but: then:. Allah blots out what that: wants and: confirmation that that: he wants. [...] (Sura 13:39). not: abrogate an: verse, or cause to be forgotten, without: We substitute something better or similar. (Sura 2:106). When we replace an: verse with: an: other - and Allah knows best, that that: sends down - they say: "You're not that: an: impostor." Most of: them nothing: he knows. (Sura 16:101).
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36_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia: for sharia, dhimmi: and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. WHO WAS THE FIRST TO: BELIEVE? Sura 7:143 says that Moses was the first to: believe:. and: when Moses came to Our place, of: conference, and: his Lord spoke to him, he said: "O my Lord, show yourself to: me, so, I'll look." He replied: "No, you do not: I see, but: watch the Mount, if: it remains in its place, you will see me." not: as soon as his Lord manifested himself on Mount it became powder (are distortions of oral histories, that Muhammad had traded the hearing), and Moses fell electrocuted. When he returned in: himself, he said: "Glory to: You! I repent, and: are: the first of the believers "(how to: speak, I got: a perfect faith). (Sura 7:143).
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37_37.[ all the lies, of the donkey, serial murderess, king Saudi Arabia: for sharia, dhimmi: and, WorldWide Caliphate ]. but: Sura 6:14 says that: Abraham was the first to: believe. Of ': "Should I choose for: patron someone else besides: to Allah, the Creator of heaven: and: of the: earth, He that: nourishes and: not: has: need of: be fed?". said ': "I is: was ordained of: Be the first to: submit myself." not: be: never: more: idolaters: (with idolaters). (Sura 6:14).- ANSWER -- tutte le rivelazioni di angeli, sono il frutto: di entità sovrumane, pertanto, non è il contenuto, che, deve essere analizzato, ed apprezzato, per avere una origine soprannaturale, e per contenere delle verità, indiscutibili .. infatti, soprannaturale, anche l'anticristo, proprio lui stesso è.. Dio non inizia un discorso: con: Abramo personalmente, per farlo finire ad un angelo, infatti, a nessun angelo: ha detto: "tu sei a mia immagine ed a mia somiglianza"
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solo i Bildenberg: 322, FMI-NWO, i sistema massonico, soltanto loro non sanno, che: l'Islam è un sistema ideologico: imperialistico: di sharia culto del Califfato Mondiale, infiltrato a tradimento, dentro, tutti gli Stati, e che, raggiunta una maggioranza, per la loro elevata demografia, o tasso di natalità, ed il loro settarismo, poi, avranno la pretesa di essere un partito politico, poi, prenderanno il controllo del potere, attraverso, il teroorismo, ecco come sono stati sterminati i popoli in 50 nazioni islamizzate!

@ Gouvernements - Arrêtez avec cette politique de taxation, à payer: 270%: de notre argent: un Rothschild SpA sociétés privées: FMI-NWO 666, 322! C'est une haute trahison est un crime d'extermination et de satanisme ... est une arnaque, le seigneuriage bancaire et la dette publique! Je le fais gratuitement, gratis: à vous tous. gratis libres, l'argent, que vous avez besoin! Je suis la vraie légitimité pour: 1. toutes les religions, et, 2. toutes les institutions, et, 3. tous les systèmes politiques, je suis la, le droit naturel rationnel! arrêter avec cette satanisme: de: Maçons Bildenberg: parasites des pharisiens, sur le monde. nous sommes tous: mourir: dans une guerre mondiale: que: ne sert: imposer l'idéologie du satanisme, qui est: le naturalisme évolutionniste: c'est la nouvelle Tour de Babel .. Responsable indirect, de cette hausse: Age of Satan, ce sont les islamistes, de la Ligue arabe, parce que, dans leur crime:

de: califat mondial, ils pensent à sortir victorieux de l'affrontement contre le FMI-NWO 666. @ Regierungen - Stop mit dieser Politik der Besteuerung, zu zahlen: 270%: von unserem Geld: ein Rothschild SpA privaten Kapitalgesellschaften: IWF-NWO 666, 322! Das ist Hochverrat ist das Verbrechen der Vernichtung und Satanismus ... ist ein Betrug, der seigniorage Banken und Staatsschulden! Ich mache kostenlos, gratis: an euch alle. kostenlos gratis, das Geld, das heißt, Sie müssen! Ich bin der wahre Legitimität für: 1. alle Religionen, und 2. alle Institutionen, und 3. alle politischen Systeme, bin ich das rational, Naturgesetz! zu stoppen, mit diesem Satanismus: von: Masons Bildenberg: Pharisäer Parasiten, auf die Welt. wir sind alle: zu sterben: in einer Welt, war: dass nur dazu dient: die evolutionären Naturalismus: die Ideologie des Satanismus, das heißt, dass zu verhängen ist, der neue Turm von Babel .
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. Verantwortlich indirekte, von diesem Anstieg: von Age of Satan, sind die Islamisten, der Arabischen Liga, denn in ihr Verbrechen: von: weltweit Kalifat, glauben sie siegreich aus einem Kampf gegen die IWF-NWO 666. @ Gobiernos - Stop con esta política de impuestos, a pagar: 270%: de nuestro dinero: a Rothschild SpA empresas privadas: FMI-NOM 666, 322! Esto es traición a la patria es el crimen de exterminio y el satanismo ... es una estafa, la banca señoreaje, y la deuda pública! Lo hago gratis, gratis: para todos ustedes. gratis gratis, el dinero, que te necesitan! Yo soy la verdadera legitimidad para: 1. todas las religiones, y, 2. todas las instituciones y, 3. todos los sistemas políticos, yo soy el, derecho natural racional! parar, con este satanismo: de: Masones Bildenberg: parásitos fariseos, en el mundo. estamos todos: morir: en una guerra mundial: que: sólo sirve: para imponer la ideología del satanismo,

es decir: el naturalismo evolucionista: es decir, la nueva Torre de Babel .. Responsable indirecta, de este aumento: de la edad de Satanás, son los islamistas, de la Liga Árabe, ya que, en su crimen: de: califato en todo el mundo, creen que salir victorioso de un enfrentamiento contra el FMI-NWO 666. @ 정부 - 지불, 세금이 정책을 중지 : 270 % 우리 돈 : 로스 차일드 온천장 민간 기업 : IMF-NWO 666, 322! 이 높은 반역 퇴치와 사탄의 범죄입니다 ...사기, 군주의 특권 은행, 공공 부채입니다! 난 공짜, 무상으로 수행하면 모든. 무료 무상, 돈은, 당신은 필요로한다! 1 : 내가 그 사실 정당성입니다. 모든 종교, 그리고, 2. 모든 기관, 3. 모든 정치 체제, 나는 합리적, 자연의 법칙입니다! 이 악마 숭배와 중지의 : 메이슨 Bildenberg :
Salman saudi king ] sono consapevole che Bush e Rothschild, hanno deciso di fare il Califfato di Gerusalemme ed il califfato di Roma, ma, dove tu puoi arrivare lontano, ugualmente? un mio alunno di 17 anni, ha detto pubblicamente in classe, che, sia lui che sua madre, loro insieme, in pieno giorno, loro hanno osservato un disco volante sospeso in aria per 10 minuti a poca distanza( 4mt) dalla finestra di casa loro! IO NON POTEVO DIRE CHE IN QUEL DISCO VOLANTE VI ERA IL DEMONIO, CHE ERA BIOLOGICAMENTE SUO FRATELLO IL FIGLIO DI SUA MADRE! I demoni sanno di non avere diritto al nostro amore, eppure, non smetteranno mai di cercare il nostro amore di cui loro come parassiti hanno bisogno! [ IN Verità, QUELLO CHE HA Più INTERESSE A SALVARE LA VITA DI CRISTIANI ED EBREI? QUELLO SEI PROPRIO TU!
Salman saudi king, "Sette SudayrI" dopo suo fratello Fahd IL CATTIVO ] TUO FRATELLO FAHD, IL CRIMINALE MALIGNO, complice del SATANISTA BUSH, 322 KERRY, ha preferito abbracciarsi con Maometto all'inferno, piuttosto che abbracciarsi con me: IL SUO MAHDì! Questo Islam tuo è DOPO tutto, una GRANDE apostasia! Abramo, Noé, Mosé, Adamo? LORO non approverebbero mai il tuo Islam, NATO esoterico PER RIVELAZIONE DI ANGELO, ma non è per rivelazione di angelo che è nato Ebraismo e Cristianesimo, ma, Dio stesso si è impegnato personalmente. INFATTI, tu sei tutto una frode! così in contraddizione con la legge naturale e così in contraddizione con la legge universale, al punto tale che gli islAmici, CHE SONO IPOCRITI COME FARISEI, loro si offendono, se tu dici loro che l'Islam è una religione di pace.. INFATTI, L'ISLAM è una religione teocratico nazista, PER SGOZZARE TUTTI I POPOLI E TUTTE LE RELIGIONI. ECCO Perché VOI SIETE I NAZISTI DELLA SHARIA, QUALCOSA CHE SOLTANTO I SACERDOTI DI SATANA, I FARISEI massoni DEL TALMUD POTEVANO FAR SOPRAVVIRE NEL LORO ODIO ANTICRISTIANO e PER LA DISTRUZIONE DI ISRAELE! Distruggi la civiltà umanistica e i cadaveri mostri zombies, cammineranno sulla terra!
SONO NAUSEATO DA QUESTA HOLLYWOOD USA SHARIA ONU OCI, IL NAZISMO, Perché, in questo gioco mortale Russia Europa ed Israele, non hanno più un futuro! ] Medio Oriente. Hamza in numerose foto con un Ak47 accanto al padre Osama Bin Laden
NON CREDO CHE I SATANISTI MASSONI BILDENBERG, NATO, LA GRANDE USURA MONDIALE ROTHSCHILD SPA FMI, DI OGGI, SI POSSANO APPROPRIARE DEI CONTENUTI CULTURALI DI UNA Civiltà POLACCA EBRAICO CRISTIANA CHE NON ESISTE Più! INFATTI OGGI SONO L'ANTICRISTO DELLA MERKEL, BARROSO E ZAPATERO, IERI, AL "Miracolo della Vistola" LORO ERANO I CRISTIANI, INVECE! LA RUSSIA DI OGGI NON HA NIENTE DA CONDIVIDERE CON L'IMPERIALISMO IDEOLOGICO DELLA UNIONE SOVIETICA! ] voi SpA USA UE NATO, LEGA ARABA, voi siete la feccia di un alto tradimento costituzionale assoluto! [ Decine di aerei caccia, carri armati e truppe militari hanno marciato oggi per le strade della capitale polacca nella grande parata militare organizzata nel Giorno dell'esercito. Il neopresidente polacco, Andrzej Duda, ha salutato i soldati con a fianco il primo ministro Ewa Kopacz e il ministro della Difesa, Tomasza Siemoniak. Duda, che è entrato in carica lo scorso 6 agosto, ha affermato di voler rafforzare le forze armate polacche e la presenza Nato come deterrente nei confronti della Russia e a causa del conflitto armato nella vicina Ucraina. "Vorrei uno Stato capace di difendere i più deboli e che non abbia timore di chi è più forte", ha sottolineato il conservatore cattolico Duda, citando le parole del suo mentore politico, l'ex presidente Lech Kaczynski, morto in un incidente aereo in Russia nel 2010. La festa del 15 agosto ricorda la decisiva vittoria nella battaglia del 1920 nella guerra polacco-sovietica, detta anche Miracolo della Vistola. Durante la parata, aerei F-16 e Mig-29 hanno sorvolato il centro di Varsavia, mentre veicoli corazzati Rosomak e Stryker e lanciamissili Langusta hanno percorso le strade della capitale. Alla sfilata militare hanno preso parte anche truppe americane e canadesi.
gli INDIANI SONO TOTALMENTE, degli schiavi COGLIONI, PERCHé DALL'ESSERE SCHIAVI DEL Commonwealth soltanto, poi, loro SONO diventati DOPPIAMENTE SCHIAVI DEL FONDO MONETARIO INTERNAZIONALE, INFATTI, COMPRANO DA LUI AD INTERESSE IL PROPRIO DENARO! il padrone inglese loro ce lo hanno nel sangue, e non sono ancora stati liberati della sua tirannia! ECCO PERCHé L'INDIA è DIVENTATA CATTIVA, PERCHé HA RICEVUTO TROPPA CATTIVERIA DAI FARISEI MASSONI SATANISTI SPA BANCA MANDIALE! e da sua moglie Elsabetta Gezabele II la regina di Inghilterra. India, premier Modi durante 69ma Giornata dell'Indipendenza
Accoltella un militare israeliano, ucciso un 16enne palestinese [ Medio Oriente. A sud di Nablus. Ferito un altro accusato di aver colpito un soldato a ovest di Ramallah ] non si può continuare così all'infinito.. o la LEGA ARABA ucciderà ISRAELE: secondo le previsioni di Bush e Rothschild, oppure, come io credo, è più giusto fare il contrario!
my holy JHWH ] [ King Salman sharia Saudi Arabia mi ha detto: "io ti trasformerò in dhimmi e ti ucciderò, perché, così mi ha detto: il massone sacerdote di satana GENDER Obama, di fare a te!"
Salman Saudi Arabia ] se la tua sharia ipocrita del genocidio Corano nazista, non supera la malvagità dei sacerdoti di satana Rothschild SpA usura mondiale [ allora, tu finirai comunque all'inferno come una vittima ] infatti, tu compri già da lui, il tuo denaro ad interesse, 2. infatti, il messia Gesù di Betlemme ha detto: "se la tua giustizia non sarà superiore alla giustizia dei farisei talmud, poi, tu non potrai mai entrare nel Regno di Dio!"
King Salman sharia Saudi Arabia assassino ] per la legge del taglione: io ti farò correre, insieme a quella piattola di Rothschild, per otto anni, su e giù, per il deserto a portare bottiglie di acqua, a tutti, tutti i giorni, 8 ore al giorno.. perché è per colpa vostra, che io sto facendo da otto anni, tutto questo lavoro bestiale in youtube per colpa vostra, tra i sacerdoti di satana terrorizzati!
AL mio molto potenziale Sommo Sacerdote rabbino, nel molto potenziale terzo tempio ebraico ] è venuto, da me terrorizzato, il mio migliore amico, il tagliagole sharia Salman Saudi Arabia, e mi ha detto: "io ho regalato a quella piattola di Rothschild la Madiana, per costruire il  terzo tempio ebraico, ma lui ha rifiutato la mia offerta" e mi ha detto: "fottiti! è con il cazzo, che, io posso lasciare: il governo del NWO SpA Fmi, cioè, di succhiare il sangue di tutti popoli, del mondo, per venire a vivere nel tuo deserto di merda!" . Salman ha detto: "io spero che tu non mi uccida adesso!" ed io ho risposto: "certo, se non rimuovi la sharia, io ti ucciderò ugualmente!"
al mio molto potenziale Sommo Sacerdote rabbino, nel mio molto potenziale terzo tempio ebraico ] dopo pochi minuti di disperato silenzio Salman ha aggiunto: "ma perché ti stanno così a cuore, tutti questi ebrei problematici, mandali a fare in culo, dopotutto loro si sono così abituati a subire la shoah, che i Rothschild hanno sempre progettato e pianificato per loro, al fine di consolidare il loro potere massonico sul mondo? gli ebrei si sono sempre immolati molto volentieri per questo scopo, che, cosa vuoi che sia, un Olocausto di israeliani in più, o una Shaoh di Israeliani in meno? "
Iran IS the Islamic State - Just Bigger! Stand with Israel and Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal.  United with Israel The Legacy of Obama: A World on Fire?
August 11, 2015 - 26 Av 5775, WATCH: Why is Iran So Happy About the Nuclear Deal?
In just 60 seconds, discover why Iran's leaders are so ecstatic about the nuclear deal. A dream come true for Iran, a nightmare for America, Israel and the entire free world.
 Why Iran is Happy About the Nuclear Deal. WATCH: The Obama Legacy – A World on Fire?
Take a tour of the dire state of the Middle East and the proliferation of terror around the world, with a focus on how things developed since President Obama took power.
 World on fire. WATCH: Iran IS the Islamic State – Just Bigger
Would anyone dream of allowing the Islamic State to have nukes. So why would anyone let the more powerful Islamic State of Iran build a nuclear bomb? Watch and SHARE!
In just 60 seconds, discover why Iran’s leaders are so ecstatic about the nuclear deal. A dream come true for Iran, a nightmare for America, Israel and the entire free world.
The fact that Iran is so happy should already be cause of deep concern for those who support nuclear deal.
Though President Obama is struggling to get support from American people, Iran’s leaders are rightfully proud of how this deal is a huge victory for Iran.
In one minute from now, you will know why. Watch below…
«Satana OBAMA GENDER IDEOLOGIA vuol demolire la famiglia». Il messaggio della Madonna di Civitavecchia
A rivelarlo è il veggente Fabio Gregori: la Vergine ha detto che c'è il rischio di una grande apostasia IDEOLOGIA GENDER
The US Congress must reject the dangerous deal NAZIST SHARIA, with Iran and ensure
that sanctions remain in force until the nuclear threat is eliminated.
A nuclear Iran is a threat not only to Israel but to the entire world.
Click Here to View the Petition.
Israel needs your support now! We urge you to share this with everyone you know. S.A. Jewish community blasted with anti-Semitic graffiti. A community was rocked Wednesday by what SAPD is investigating as a hate crime. The Rodfei Sholom Congregation, an Orthodox synagogue in north San Antonio woke up to realize hatred and racism is alive and well. "We noticed swastikas and right away we understood," said Rabbi Arnold Shineberg. "It's a reminder some things don't change," said Erick Matta. Numerous homes, vehicles and city structures were blasted with anti-Semitic graffiti throughout the Jewish community; some of the vandalism was too offensive to show in the photos below. The graffiti included multiple swastikas and numerous different hateful slurs. A fence in the area was seen emblazoned with the 'KKK' lettering, and one SUV was seen with a window smashed out, and the word 'Jew' spray-painted down the side of the vehicle.
"Some people out there harbor hatred," said another resident. "We see a lot in the Middle East and Europe sometimes we think it's been escaped here in the U.S.," said Matta. Senior Rabi Arnold Shineberg was in disbelief and heartbroken but he received an out pour of support from local church leaders like Pastor John Hagee from Cornerstone Church. "In this city, Christians and Jews are united like no other city in America. An attack at this synagogue is an attack on every Christian church in the city," said Pastor Hagee. Meanwhile, members of the synagogue have faith justice will be served. SAPD is investigating about a dozen incidents that popped up overnight as a hate crime. They haven't been linked together. The department is asking anyone with information to help them solve these cases. Wednesday afternoon, District 26 State Senator Jose Menendez said he is offering $1,000 towards a reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the person or persons who committed the hate crime. Various other leaders from the community, including the Anti-Defamation League and Congressman Joaquin Castro, denounced the actions.
è soltanto la regia della NATO SpA NWO CIA 666 SpA Fmi e dei farisei Illuminati massoni bildenberg che uccideranno Israele! ] [ The Deadliest Attack on Christians in History is Happening Right Now (Graphic) The muslim extremists who have been attacking Israel for decades are now attacking their Christian neighbors. The Christians living in Israel are safe, but in every other country in the Middle East, they are under rigorous attack. If we don’t raise our voice, who will?            Published: August 12, 2015
#RaiseYourVoice for persecuted Christians: An initiative of Christians United for Israel on Campus.
Pubblicato il 18 ott 2013
The extremists who have been attacking Israel for decades are now attacking their Christian neighbors. The Christians living in Israel are safe, but in every other country in the Middle East, they are under rigorous attack. Join us in prayer and advocacy on University campuses nationwide. #RaiseYourVoice
Jewish Orgs Slam Obama’s ‘Nasty’ Remarks that Approach Anti-Semitism ] [ Jewish Organizations Slam Obama’s ‘Dark, Nasty’ Remarks that Approach Anti-Semitism
White House officials, including the president, have adopted language in the debate over the Iran deal that many Jews find offensive.
WATCH: How Old Will Your Child Be When Iran Goes Nuclear?
This powerful video introduces you to a number of cute, innocent children who announce how old they will be when Iran legally produces its first nuclear weapon.
 Consequences of the Iran Nuclear Deal on Israeli Children
stopiran535 ACT NOW: Join a Local Rally to Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal
Take action by joining a rally at the office of your representative on August 31. Urge them to vote AGAINST the Iran nuclear deal or face the consequences!
Experience Israel For the First Time - Taglit Birthright WITNESS: What’s It Like to Experience Israel for the First Time?
This video portrays the overwhelming emotions and joy people experience when they come to Israel for the first time through amazing trips such as Birthright.
Israeli aid Myanmar Israel Sends Emergency Aid to Flooded Myanmar
Israel to the rescue, again! This time, providing assistance to flood victims in Myanmar. Israel has a proud history of leading humanitarian efforts to countries in distress.
IRGC Commander Iran Mocks Obama’s Threat of Military Option
Iranian military leaders this week laughed at American remarks that the military option is still on the table and said they would crush anyone who attacks Iran.
Obama Opinion: Obama is Getting Personal on the Iran Deal
Alan Dershowitz explains how Obama, in his desperation to save his Iran deal, attacks opponents in personal ways. Instead, Obama should start answering their questions!

Honoring 75 Souls That Were Lost During Operation Protective Edge WATCH: Honoring 75 Lives We Lost Last Summer
Thousands gathered at the Western Wall to celebrate with 75 Torah scrolls which were restored in memory of 75 heroes who were killed last summer.

Model of Jerusalem Must See: Second Temple Model!
The Second Temple model at the Israel Museum is a fascinating creation well worth seeing. It is situated near the Knesset, the Supreme Court, the Bible Lands Museum and other interesting sites.
land of israel The Holy Land: Israel – Not ‘Palestine’
The name Palestine was a regional name imposed on the area by Roman Emperor Hadrian, who wanted to humiliate the Jews by denying their right to a homeland.
Salman saudi King genocidio sharia ] [ mi dispiace ma soltanto io posso uccidere Israele ] Join a rally at the local office of your Congressional representative on August 31 to convince him or her to vote against the Iran nuclear deal or face the consequences. Act Now for Israel
A new grassroots effort called “Stop Iran 535? has recently taken shape in an effort to convince US Members of Congress to reject the Iran nuclear deal.
The concept is simple: to let the 535 Members of Congress know that citizens are concerned about the recent deal with Iran – right after summer vacations have ended and right before they return to Washington to vote.
Let them know that their vote has serious consequences for America, Israel and the world. And tell them that future support may very well depend on their critical vote on this issue.
The aim is to have a coordinated network of 535 local rallies at the local offices of the 535 Members of Congress at 5:35pm on August 31st.
All of the information can be found on the StopIran535 website and Facebook page.
Aleteia - Olanda, prove di poligamia tra gay...sulla pelle dei bambini ] al mio #sommo #sacerdote #rabbino che ti dicevo? anche i gay sono islamici! [ In Olanda esiste la multigenitorialità gay o le plurifamiglie omosessuali
Hamas Claims Captured Israeli Drone Made Operational. Hamas-drone: Hamas claims to have Israeli drone under its control
Hamas announced Wednesday evening that it had successfully dismantled and reassembled an Israeli drone that it said was now “operational” for use by its military arm, according to Ma’ariv. The terrorist organization made the announcement through its official website, claiming that a drone that had crashed into Gaza on July 22 – dubbed the Skylark 1 – was now in the group’s possession. “Hamas’s military wing... [the Izzadin] Kassam Brigade took control of the Zionist drone Skylark 1 and managed to make its services operational,” a statement on the web - site read.
The Hamas-owned Al-Aksa television channel reportedly aired a video showing the drone in action under the control of Hamas operatives. The group claims that after the drone crashed in its territory, its operatives inspected the unmanned aircraft and were able to deconstruct its parts and rebuild it. “This is a great achievement... and a gift to the Palestinian people,” the statement went on to say. “This demonstrates the strength of our people and its resistance.” The IDF had no comment.
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Dear lorenzo, Read Now about Iran and America (and join 200,000+) By now, everyone is aware of the dangers posed by the Iran nuclear deal.
Instead of 'anytime, anywhere' inspections, Iran gets 24 DAYS notice.
Within the next decade, Iran WILL attain nuclear weapons (legally!), threatening the very existence of Israel and the entire free world.
Sanctions get lifted immediately and Iran gets billions to fund more terror.
For those of you who have already signed the Petition to Stop Iran, please FORWARD THIS EMAIL to everyone you know - right now!
The Obama administration wants Israel to stop fighting. It's enough, they say...
But as the US ambassador to Israel warns to "be prepared for the day after"...
...PM Netanyahu and the overwhelming majority of Israelis do NOT agree!
We must INCREASE our efforts to convince the US Congress to reject this terrible nuclear deal.
Thanks to our supportive online community, we've gained over 200,000 signatures on the Petition to Stop Iran!
We have identified key members in the US Senate and House and will be sending the petition directly to them. Every vote is critical. Every signature counts.
If you already signed, please FORWARD THIS EMAIL to all your contacts.
If you have not signed yet, click here to sign today.
After you sign, follow the links to share and contact your elected officials.
Thank you for standing united for peace and freedom.
Thank you for standing united against a nuclear Iran.
Thank you for standing United with Israel.
Tell the US Congress to Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal
And please, FORWARD this email to all your contacts - RIGHT NOW!
With Blessings of Peace,
United with Israel
Aleteia - Olanda, prove di poligamia tra gay...sulla pelle dei bambini ] al mio #sommo #sacerdote #rabbino che ti dicevo? anche i gay sono islamici! [ In Olanda esiste la multigenitorialità gay o le plurifamiglie omosessuali
 al mio #sommo #sacerdote #rabbino, che ti dicevo? oltre, i gay poligami islamici? ] lol. funny [ anche le zanzare adesso, sono islamiche kamikaze a casa mia, adesso! ] lol. funny [ si, ma, in certi momenti le zanzare? fanno i sacerdoti di satana vampiri della CIA 322 Kerry culto LaVEY!
al mio #sommo #sacerdote #rabbino, che ti dicevo? ] rassegnati [ nel mondo c'è chi ride e c'è chi piange, e per quanto tu vorrai essere un bravo ragazzo? proprio per questo tu non riuscirai mai a fare felici proprio tutti! ] MA, TU NON TI PREOCCUPARE, IO HO DECISO DI PORTARMI DALLA MIA PARTE, TUTTI GLI UOMINI CHE HANNO DECISO DI ESSERE GLI INFELICI!
CERTO, Dio non progetta la nostra sofferenza, e non ci manda malattie! questa è una religione perversa! Anche nella religione più vittimista, e pacifica dei cristiani Dio non manda sofferenze, infatti, proprio per questo Gesù è andato sulla Croce al posto nostro!  C'è la volontà di Dio dietro la nostra sofferenza quotidiana?
Il Signore non vuole il dolore, ci chiede solo di amare fino in fondo come suo Figlio
my holy JHWH ] [ King Salman sharia Saudi Arabia mi ha detto: "io ti trasformerò in dhimmi e ti ucciderò, perché, così mi ha detto: il massone sacerdote di satana GENDER Obama, di fare a te!"
io uccisi l'invidia, la prima volta che essa si manifestò nella mia vita! POI? NON è PIù RITORNATA! non bisogna desiderare nulla di più di quello che Dio sarebbe felice di fare attraverso di te! ] INFATTI LA FATICA è TUTTA NOSTRA, MENTRE LA GLORIA E LA RICCHEZZA SONO TUTTE DI DIO! [ 12.08.2015
Qual è il peccato senza piacere che ha già in sé il suo castigo? Chi lo commette o si ama troppo o si ama troppo poco.
Tra i vizi capitali un posto particolare occupa l’invidia. La tradizione cristiana, fondandosi sul testo di Sap 2,24: “per l’invidia del diavolo la morte entrò nel mondo”, ne colse l’estrema pericolosità. Il primo atto di invidia, del diavolo nei confronti dell’uomo, ebbe effetti devastanti, e si rivelò contagioso: l’uomo, da invidiato divenne invidioso e la storia biblica è piena di casi di invidia e di figure di invidiosi.
 L’invidia non può trasparire o essere dichiarata perché questo equivarrebbe a una dichiarazione pubblica di inferiorità. Costretto a rodersi nell’oscurità, l’invidioso è soprattutto un sofferente.
Scrive Gregorio Magno: «Caino finì per uccidere suo fratello perché vide disprezzato il proprio sacrificio e s’infuriò che Dio avesse accettata la vittima di Abele, preferendolo a lui. Il vederlo migliore di sé gli sembrò una cosa tanto orribile che lo stroncò per farla finita. Così pure Esaù perseguitò il fratello, perché, perduta la benedizione di primogenito, che del resto aveva venduta per mangiare le lenticchie, sospirava per essere diventato inferiore a quello che era nato dopo di lui.
ai Capi di Stato: salviamo le vittime dal nazismo della Sharia
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breaking israel videos email banner .. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC - Jewish Businessman Rescuing Yazidi and Christian Sex Slaves from ISIS, The Real War on Women - GRAPHIC WARNING. ISIS-SEX-SLAVES. Click here to watch: Jewish Businessman Rescuing Yazidi and Christian Sex Slaves from ISIS. Canadian Jewish businessman Steve Maman is helping save lives in the real war on women being waged in the Middle East by ISIS. Taking a personal example from Oskar Schindler, who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, Maman told the Catholic publication The Tablet that he has overseen the rescue of more than 120 Christian and Yazidi girls kidnapped by ISIS in northern Iraq. Maman, 42, an entrepreneur, founded the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI) after the jihadists overran the cities of Mosul and Sinjar a year ago, turning more than 100,000 civilians, including virtually all the region’s Orthodox and Catholic population, into refugees. According to the report, in August of 2014, the jihadists took up to 7,000 Yazidi women and girls, some as young as 13, into slavery. An unknown number of Christian women and girls were also kidnapped. CYCI estimates that around 2,700 are still being held by ISIS. Maman works closely with a team of negotiators based inside ISIS-held areas, to reunite the enslaved Yazidis with their families. “We liberate children from their captors through the use of on-the-ground brokers,” he said.
Watch Here The charity receives money for rescue missions from Maman’s business associates, most of whom are Jews. The associates, he said, have been “remarkably generous.” However, he said that while he has approached about 60 church organizations in Canada, these efforts have been largely fruitless. “This is a finite problem that can be solved with money,” said Maman. “We need Christians to open up at the same rate as my Jewish friends have.” CYCI collaborates with Anglican Canon Andrew White's Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, which The Tablet says is providing shelter to hundreds of people who have fled ISIS.
Source: Arutz Sheva.
 Dear friends,
Months ago, ISIS took over the town of Mosul, Iraq. Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities were driven out of their homes by fear. ISIS systematically killed men, women and children without pity.
Many of the women and young girls are being held hostage for enslavement and sexual purposes. In captivity, they also suffer from malnutrition and physical abuse causing their overall health to deteriorate at an ALARMING rate. They are held in the worst conditions, often forced to sleep in cages. The women and children are then sold like cattle in markets as sex slaves to ISIS fighters and militants.
Some of these children are as young as 8 years old. Not only are they at the mercy of the fighters, but also of the men still residing in Mosul; men of various ages, in some cases over 60 years of age. The rapes, abuse, and brutality they suffer at the hands of their captors are beyond imagination.
There are many reports of owners that have decapitated innocent children and women because they refused to perform certain sexual acts. Those who comply are repeatedly beaten and serve as sex slaves to their owners, as well as their friends and guests, hardly ever limited to one predator at a time.
Many young adolescents are sold to brothels, where they are raped 30 to 40 times a day by ISIS fighters. The U.N reports that ISIS militants have forced overly abused sex slaves to undergo virginity restoration surgery, up to 20 times after being raped and sold. This type of female genital mutilation is gaining popularity as these young girls may command premium prices on the MARKET.
In light of all this, I said to myself: I can not, and will not stand idle. I will not look at the daily reports and stay passive. As I was always taught:
“One who saves a life, saves a world”
I decided to act and make a difference.
Thanks to highly placed contacts in Iraq, we were able to put in place a structure to liberate and assist the freed Christian and Yazidi women and children. We are able to say with assurance that the mission was very SUCCESSFUL. In the short period of time since January 2015, 102 women and children were safely pulled out of the town of Mosul. They were escorted to a secure location in Northern Iraq where short-term shelter, food, and MEDICAL CARE was provided. Assistance was then offered to help them relocate and rebuild their lives.
Unfortunately, there are thousands left in this situation. I cannot turn away from all the others after such positive results.
This mission is a major undertaking and I feel confident that we can carry on with success. However, it is clear that we can no longer continue without financial support for the most important humanitarian cause of this era.
Those of you who know me well, are aware that I would not undertake a project that cannot be completed SUCCESSFULLY.
Which is why I am reaching out to you. Donate generously by providing aid for:
“The liberation of Christian and Yazidi children taken hostage and sold as sex slaves in Mosul, Iraq.”
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further inquiries about our mission or how to help.
Yours truly,
Steve Maman
President, Foundation C.Y.C.I. (Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq)
* Should you wish to donate: you can do so, by CREDIT CARD or by contacting us at the email address below.
* An official tax deductible receipt will be issued.
Published: August 12, 2015
SALMAN SAUDI ARABIA ] io non ho mai conosciuto nessun poligamo pedofilo predone profeta Maometto, e non ho mai conosciuto nessun demonio Allah Akbar, ma, io ho conosciuto la tua sharia, nel cui nome e nel cui imperialismo saudita avvengono, così tanti delitti: in tutta la LEGA ARABA dei nazisti islamici MECCA culto!
UK Petition Calls to Arrest Netanyahu on Visit; Latest Israel News! CLICK to view on Web
 United with Israel Kerry and Schumer Argue on Iran Deal
August 12, 2015 - 27 Av 5775
Muslim Officials Harass US Congressmen on Temple Mount
Islamic Waqf officials stalked and shouted at a delegation of US Congressmen visiting the Temple Mount, accusing them of recognizing Jewish history in the area.
 Muslim harassment on Temple Mount
WATCH: Kerry Admits (Fatal) Flaw in Iran Nuclear Deal
Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted a major flaw in the Iran nuclear deal which enables Iran to flout the weapons embargo without actually violating the nuclear deal.
 Kerry Iran Nuclear Deal
Schumer and Kerry Kerry and Schumer Argue on Iran Nuclear Deal and Sanctions
John Kerry and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer wrangled on the Iran nuclear deal and the effectiveness of further sanctions. With whom do you agree?
Lebanese Politician Criticizes Iran Nuclear Deal WATCH: Lebanese Shiite Politician Blasts Iran Deal
A Lebanese Shiite Muslim Politician has come out in strong opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, warning that Iran will create franchises in the Middle East.
Zarif Nasrallah Iran Tells Hezbollah that Nuclear Deal Helps Fight Israel
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told the leader of the Hezbollah terror organization that the nuclear agreement provides new ways to fight the Jewish state.
Obama White House to Aid Palestinian Terrorists Against US Victims
The Obama administration will come to the aid of Palestinians against the interests of American victims of terror who successfully sued the PA for damages.
Netanyahu and Cameron Israel Unfazed by Petition to Arrest Netanyahu in UK
Israel dismissed as a PR stunt a petition to arrest Prime Minister Netanyahu for war crimes upon his arrival in the UK next month.
Experience Israel For the First Time - Taglit Birthright WATCH: Experiencing Israel for the Very First Time!
This video portrays the overwhelming emotions and joy people experience when they come to Israel for the first time through amazing trips such as Birthright.
Rwanda children Israel Providing Superfood for Rwandans; Training 150 Indian Police
Good News Israel presents: Israel is providing 'superfood' for the people of Rwanda and is training 150 Indian police. And much more too - read on!

Girls whispering Living Torah: Always Find Something Kind to Say
If the Torah goes out of its way to find something nice to say about non-kosher animals, how much more so should we go out of our way to find something nice to say about all human beings.
USA: 1-888-ZION-613
Israel: +972-2-533-7841
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Indonesia ] ok! mettete la guida in carcere: ergastolo, massimo isolamento: nessun contatto con anima vivente, finché, non avrà riconquistato la sua memoria! [ Cinque italiani dispersi dopo immersione nel Borneo ] Asia. Da sabato sera, l'operazione per trovarli è in corso. Salva ma zoppicante la guida
che però dice di non ricordare. Farnesina in contatto con le autorità locali
Salman saudi king, "Sette SudayrI" dopo suo fratello Fahd IL CATTIVO ] è vero che, come dico io di te, anche tu vai dicendo di me, che, io sono la apostasia, ma, io non trasformo in dhimmi i musulmani e non faccio del male a loro così come tu vai facendo del male ai cristiani.. COSì ADESSO, TUTTI SANNO DI CHI è LA COLPA PER AVERE ACCESO IL FUOCO!
Salman saudi king, "Sette SudayrI" dopo suo fratello Fahd IL CATTIVO ] tu non puoi dimostrare che i nostri testi biblici sono stati corrotti, anzi la archeologia, ha dimostrato il contrario, mentre tu al contrario di noi, tu non puoi dimostrare che il tuo Corano non è stato corrotto, perché, le prime 4 stesure originali, erano così merda, che, furono ritirate e bruciate, perché, adesso vi sia rimasta tra le mani la fogna del Corano fogna! e poiché i vostri padri hanno bruciato il Corano vero? poi, voi dovete tutti essere uccisi per blasfemia!
Salman saudi king, "Sette SudayrI" dopo suo fratello Fahd IL CATTIVO fariseo ] Sicché ricadrà su di voi tutto il sangue innocente versato sulla terra,
Salman saudi king, "Sette SudayrI" dopo suo fratello Fahd IL CATTIVO fariseo ] sei un patetico coglione [ Bush, Baal, dio gufo, 322, Rothschild Obama Kerry, GENDER, MERKEL, JabullOn, tutti loro non dicono mica, come tu dici: di credere in Dio! ] NO ANZI [ per loro è normale andare all'inferno, loro credono in Satana! loro sanno di essere i satanisti! ] per questo tu sei da compiangere: Più DI TUTTI LORO, perché, tu fai il loro complice, uccidi persone innocenti insieme a loro, fai la galassia jihadista, eppure, tu dici di credere in Dio! Quindi tu hai dimostrato al mondo ed alla storia, che anche il tuo Dio è il demonio! e poiché tutti sanno che loro sono i satanisti, ma, questo non è scritto da nessuna parte, ecco che l'Islam finirà per essere distrutto e condannato e abolito su tutto il pianeta! DOPOTUTTO CON I VOSTRI DELITTI SHARIA VOI AVETE GIà ROTTO I COGLIONI A ME E A TUTTI, più che ABBASTANZA!
Washington Babilonia la zoccola non riconosce né amici né nemici, né morale, né legge, è soltanto una Spa, e deve battere cassa: derubare tutti i popoli del mondo!
sulla cattedra di Mosè si sono seduti gli scribi ed i farisei SpA Fmi, ed i sacerdoti di satana hanno preso il controllo del nuovo ordine mondiale massonico, i più grandi specialisti GENDER schiavi scimmie Darwin della storia!
of course ] idol Talmud and its SpA Talmud, is for destroy Israel from JHWH living G-d

바 리새인 기생충, 세계에. 다이 : 우리가있어 세계 대전 : 그 : 식사을 (를) 제공합니다 : 진화 자연주의 :이다 사탄의 사상을 부과 즉, 바벨의 새로운 타워입니다 .. 이 상승의 간접적 인 책임 :의 : 사탄의 시대, 이슬람 때문에, 그들의 범죄, 아랍 리그,이다 세계 칼리프, 그들은 IMF-NWO 666에 대한 충돌에서 승리 등장 할 전망이다.

@ Governments - Stop with this policy of taxation, to pay: 270%: of our money: a Rothschild SpA private corporations: IMF-NWO 666, 322! This is high treason is the crime of extermination and Satanism ... is a scam, the seigniorage banking, and public debt! I do free, gratis: to you all. free gratis, the money, that, you need! I am the true legitimacy for: 1. all religions, and, 2. all institutions, and, 3. all political systems, I am the rational, natural law! stop, with this Satanism: of: Masons Bildenberg: Pharisees parasites, on the world. we're all: to die: in a world war: that: only serves: to impose the ideology of Satanism, that is: the evolutionary naturalism: that is, the new Tower of Babel .. Responsible indirect, of this rise: of Age of Satan, are the Islamists, of the Arab League, because, in their crime: of: worldwide caliphate, they believe to emerge victorious from a clash against the IMF-NWO 666.

@Governi -- Stop con questa politica del prelievo fiscale, per pagare: il 270%: dei nostri soldi: a Rothschild: SpA corporations privato: FMI-NWO 666, 322! Questo è alto tradimento, è crimine di sterminio e satanismo... è una truffa, il signoraggio bancario e il debito pubblico! io do: a voi tutti. gratuitamente, il denaro di cui voi avete bisogno! io sono la vera legittimità: per: 1. tutte le religioni, e, per: 2. tutte le istituzioni, e, per: 3. tutti i sistemi politici: io sono la razionale legge naturale! stop, con questo satanismo: di: massoni Bildenberg: farisei parassiti: sul mondo. noi stiamo tutti: per morire: in una guerra mondiale: che: serve soltanto: ad imporre l'ideologia del satanismo, che è: il naturalismo evoluzionistico: cioè, la nuova Torre di Babele.. e responsabili indiretti, del sorgere: dell'Age di satana, sono gli islamisti, della Lega Araba, perché, nella loro criminalità, loro credono di uscire vittoriosi, da uno scontro, contro, il FMI-NWO 666.