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30 gennaio 1844 #VARSAVIA [ Obama figlio di puttana tu hai riempito la Siria armato fino ai denti 120.000 jihadisti e ti lamenti pure? ] Gli Stati Uniti si dicono "preoccupati" dai "ritardi del governo siriano nel trasferimento del suo arsenale chimico più pericoloso fermo al "meno del 5%" lo ha detto da Varsavia il capo del Pentagono Chuck Hagel. Il ritardo è dovuto "alla situazione difficile sul terreno" ha detto il rappresentante siriano all'Opac. Anche l'organismo ha espresso "viva preoccupazione".

Obama se io ero il tuo parroco quando tu venivi da me a chiedere la cresima io ti prendevo a calci nel culo perché chi commette un solo aborto lui dichiara che la vita di tutto il genere umano non è sacra infatti tu sei un animale evoluto di cui Rothschild il fariseo satanista lui può fare quello che lui vuole come è scritto nel suo talmud (goym non sono uomini ma animali dalla forma umana)! piuttosto tu puoi chiudere le tube alle tue cagne! perché desacralizzare la vita umana significa che tutto quello che si può fare sugli animali si può fare anche sull'uomo.

Francois Hollande therefore I I have look disapprove your yours moral situation (not as I would have done if you had been also my ally! ) Because you have one situation criminal huge the conspiracy Masonic the false democracies Masonic of seigniorage banking That to sovereign have been transformed in for slaves the people of the Rothschilds French. not I I duty of of you hurt you? the your arrogance and your cynicism you will notice it! 29 January 2326 #PARIS [ YOU KNOW La DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AVVESARIo POLITICAL and ENEMY! IF YOU not an ERI FOE of people FRENCH That HAS lost the MONETARY SOVEREIGNTY THE TRAITOR IN VERY of ROTHSCHILD about the your PERSONAL SITUATION? I not the I WOULD HAVE TAKEN NOT EVEN in CONSIDERZIONE. ] Francois Hollande not save the jokes about the former first lady of France Valérie Trierweiler downloaded later revelations about the love story secret with the actress Julie Gayet. Second the Canard Enchainé when is coming to know of tweet farewell in where Valerie thanked the staff of the Elysée for " emotion " expressed at the time of her departure the head of state HAS joked "If there is someone That wants to leave the Elysee Palace taken with emotion to me tell." [ MASSONI YOU have created and OCCULT POWERS SATANIC ESOTERIC THE ROYAL POWER That is SOMETHING That not in YOU degree of MANAGE for EXAMPLE YOU MUST BELIEVE for FAITH to IS That they say oN aLIENS BUT not of HAI NO POWER CONTROL YOU MASSONI you put it the human race on ABYSS. ]

[ The League Arab HAS condemned to death the Jewish -Christian civilization in league with the system Masonic Bildenberg UN IMF they rejoice! They will remember however of this of crime murder That the Caliphate the world commits only when it will come the time for their of do war world. So for guilt Islamists every religion will sweep away and finally Satan will be all in all! and this is also the demonstration That of Muslims sharia are the children of the devil ] 01/28/2014 L'Osservatore Romano. The fury of Boko Haram is back to fall on the north -east of Nigeria in two separate raids in many villages Islamic terrorist caused the death of seventy-four people. Dozens were injured. The militiamen attacked with bombs and heavy weapons a church where they were gathered together for the faithful the Mass Sunday killing twenty-two Christians and market of an another village from which they are removed later leaving behind of them fifty-two victims. The whole town is Been then put it to iron and fire second because they reportedly eyewitnesses. The two massacres which took place on Sunday but the tragic news about what happened have arrived only yesterday. It is of an another terrible chapter of history of an country marked by and violence and massacres. in five years of not bitter fighting he is managed to stem with effectiveness violence unleashed by Islamic extremists. It is estimated That since 2009 they are you're more of 1200 people were killed. The violence is concentrated above all in remote regions of large and populous north to majority Muslim and especially in states where Boko Haram Has their strongholds from which spear his attacks both against the minority Christian either against the forces of security federal. The objective of fury of Boko Haram the north-eastern states of Adamawa and of Borno theater massacres of Sunday.

Because of the Fund Monetary International I thought like Hitler That all the Jews were to be my enemies but then the Spirit Holy Has me convinced of not the real enemies of the Jews the Pharisees and their system Masonic Spa that they have founded in fact perpetual war Jewish of Cain and Abel this war continues again the interior of their family and will continue to lla end of the world.. then to we the goyim it is the role of to win the one or the other deployment.. but in fact only an idiot could abandon YHWH for an pot of lentils.

L'Osservatore Romano page 6 Thursday January 30 2014 [ this delirium Islamic That you see apparently the Governments of League Arab (which with the sharia turn in the Nazis without of freedom conscience and of religion ) arrayed against terrorism is only one scam an theater demonstration That they have an absolute contempt for the life because the terrorists are fighting they die and kill above all innocent secular Muslims Christians always in name of itself sharia That is the same law fundamental That says the league ARBA in his project of war of civilization of genocide and of annientamente of every variety then Islamic terrorists are only the services secrets of #bind #ARAB. and lo un is one curse of antichrist so ugly That even excrement of an alien HAS never even nominated! ] A torchlight to in Islamabad remember the victims of the terrorist massacres Christians. for the peace Pakistan Islamabad. "We are have been witnesses of and true own baths of blood in the past are were affected also churches and schools. We have lost our loved ones and dear ones at war against the terror. However we remain firm and close to our armed forces That fighting in the first line. We That close to the authorities opposition resistance to violence and terror. " with these words the Bishop of #Islamabad / Rawalpindi Bishop Rufin Anthony he is looking at the Christian community That Sunday last all over Pakistan Has observed one day of prayer for the peace. The initiative launched in recent days by the Catholics is a response to the growing wave of terrorism That Has invested the nation and That in the first weeks of Has 2014 done that record a long series of episodes of violence. The day of prayer against terrorism is was also an tribute the memory of two citizens #Aitzaz Hassan one of the student #Hangu and Chaudhry #Aslam Khan a police officer of Karachi between top experts of counter-terrorism both murdered by Islamic extremists. Thousands of people in the capital have joined the torchlight for the peace when as Archbishop Anthony Has # remembered his father Anwar Patras Pakistani priest kidnapped la last week and whose body is Been then found in the district of Mianwali. The religious Has served to along the diocese of Islamabad / Rawalpindi promoting initiatives in education and raising awareness the the population in the countryside of vaccination against the polio. D at the beginning of the year reports the agency AsiaNews were verified in the country at least one ten of for deadly attacks hand and Islamic extremists the Pakistani Taliban. The most citizens are calling for urgent responses among whom one decisive campaign military time to eradicate terrorism " the root ". "People - Has underlined Riaz father John to the priest Rawalpindi - they live in fear and you can breathe deep uncertainty for the future whereas here people want only peace and security. Let us pray for the peace in the region because we want to an the future for the new generations. an future free from fear. " La the Christian community of state of Khyber #Pukthunkhawa is from an century present in the tribal areas although to distance of time not enjoy even of some status rinosciuto and not doing part of any tribe. an inhabitant of area Arshad John confirms "the loyalty to the laws of tribes where we live but not we have never been accepted and no Christian can be a part of a jirga ( the Assembly That meets the elderly). We live as aliens in our own land That we protected for more than a hundred years. " Not Christians is permit build churches pastors and priests avoid of venturing into those areas for action the danger of be kidnapped or murdered. of recently an Been priest is kidnapped and subsequently released behind payment of a huge sum of money. Father James Ilyas of the diocese of Peshawar already the scene in September last year of an double bloody attack against a church Protestant judges with bitterness the fact That even in the the tribal areas minority Christian " is recognized as tribes to spite of her acknowledged " loyalty. " The Church - Has said the priest - continues to pray for the persecuted peoples. " with more of one hundred and eighty millions of the inhabitants (of which 97 for hundred professes the religion 'Islam) the #Pakistan is the sixth the most populous nation in the world and is the second between countries Muslims after Indonesia. Approximately 80 for hundred of the population is Muslim Sunni while Shias are about 20 for hundred of total. follow for number of admissions Hindu ( 1.85 for a hundred ) Christians (1.6 for a hundred ) and Sikhs ( 0.4 for a hundred ). The violence against minorities or ethnic religious occur in all the land nationally but in recent years it is recorded one true and its escalating That Has invested above all Shia Muslims and Christians. Dozens of episodes violence including attacks targeted against entire communities - as happened to Gojra in 2009 or at the Joseph of Colony Lahore in March last year or abuse against individuals often perpetrated pretext the laws #blasphemy That end for hit innocent victims as in the case of a minor Christian Rimsha #Masih.

When the Church Roman Catholic was free of to do his 640 excommunications against the Freemasonry of course could speak freely of great wear the Pharisees Anglo- Americans. with the cock the managers the following all the Jewish communities listened to because the rabbis Kakam the Illuminati were them the great wear for their was good seigniorage banking That their stealing peoples for take them all the despair and the war. but for listen to the popes? then not have the more able bring their people the Holocaust of Hitler. for go to say even today the slander of "You see the christian nazi?" because the project is of the Pharisees food an hatred artificial between Christians and Jews and it is precisely in this way That we shall see to destroy Israel from League Arab without able to do anything.

[ L'Osservatore Romano. Page 8. Thursday January 30 2014. The wear and tear is inhuman. with the workers and the victims of loan sharks ] [ of course today Church Catholic not is more free of being able to speak of great wear even no politician can talk about it however God YHWH Has warrant me Unius REI because I know as romprere the ass to everyone! ]. At the hearing General Pope Francis speaks of the importance of Confirmation in Christian initiation. n path from not to leave half. In his greetings to the groups the Pope expresses solidarity with the workers in crisis. The wear and tear is inhuman. with the workers and the victims of loan sharks. Mass of Cardinal Comastri for the View wear-resistant. How good Samaritans. The condemns 'clear straightforward no ambiguity " of wear and of game gambling That exploit " the fragility of the people for and rob them incatenarle " is was reiterated by Cardinal Angelo Comastri in Mass celebrated with the members of See national wear in the afternoon of Wednesday 29 January at the altar of Chair of basilica of San Pietro. We must have the courage HAS pointed out the cardinal for declare That wear and tear "is an authentic blasphemy an outrage to God have of prostitution human dignity " is " to use money for crucify people trouble. " Speaking directly to the members and foundations associations engaged on this ground Cardinal Has them defined as'good Samaritans That succor brothers robbed by bandits new. " Offertory have been delivered some concrete signs of love for the Pope Francis destinations them to the poor. with the cardinal who concelebrated among other Monsignor Francis Cacucci archbishop of Bari - Bito in which there is the home of See and the new secretary general ad interim of Conference the Italian bishops the bishop Nunzio Galantino That HAS accompanied the group wear of his diocese of Cassano all'Ionio dedicated to St. Matthew Apostle of Victims 'wear and tear and That the workers they are losing the job I had come this morning to meet the Pope " to make full of hope and solidarity " for feel " less alone be brave and finding also the power of fight for a life the better. " The representatives of See Italian anti-wear and the workers of Shelbox of Castelfiorentino have presented to the Pope one next to the other their 'dramatic stories lived in suburbs of a That company considering people problems such as waste from marginalize. " They had come from the Pope they say together " to reaffirm with their dignity." Lo the same thought HAS moved also the Italian journalists association Charter of Rome That they have delivered to Pope Francis text of code of ethics - signed by the Board national order and by the Federation of print Italian - studied "to affect the language That the mass media using presenting and the issues of immigrants political refugees " says the president John Maria Bellu. to give voice to widespread service. of See the national anti-wear have joints square St. Peter in over twenty-five hundred. with the priests and the volunteers That animate twenty-eight and federations the centers of listening throughout Italy there were many people who are victims of usury or to risk of fall into the hands of usurers they speak of four millions of families Italy. and with them many victims of extortion former players of hazard and " That people live under the preservation of state away from them because families threatened by organized crime » explains Monsignor Alberto D'Urso vice president and secretary general of consult. " The Pope we have ask of encourage us - Add above all in an time of That crisis serious already difficult situations." and "We want to reaffirm That is can exit grip wear and free from the addiction of play provided that there is more prevention more sober p solidarity loyalty and most importantly an escort and spiritual practical for who is finished in poverty. " and just for witness to " the neighborhood of the Church to the practical problems of people" the cardinal archbishop of Florence Joseph Betori Has this morning wanted to be beside the delegation of the workers of 'company Shelbox of Castelfiorentino come to submit to the Pope with their dramatic situation. 'Not we job prospects for the company you are turning off. " explain. and 'the closing final of this actually cause more drama in the fabric of social area " confirmed the chairman of Room of trade of Florence Vasco Galgani the mayor of Castelfiorentino and John Occhipinti the office manager pastoral and social of work of the Archdiocese of Florence don Giovanni Momigli. "Today with Pope Francis we feel less alone and back to home with more courage for fight for the future of our families " they say representatives workers'That for this why are " came from the Pope above all with all our children." Has the Pope then greeted the three hundred circus come from Triveneto and in particular Bergantino in the province of Rovigo known also as "the country of the carousel." an artist HAS also presented an beautiful and large specimen of parrot carioca the Pope That the Has having on hand for a few moments. To accompany the group Cardinal Antonio Maria Vegliò president of Pontifical Council for and Migrants Itinerant and operators of foundation Migrants with the Director-General Monsignor Giancarlo Perego. in square St. Peter there was also a thick delegation of Christian culture Italian- Ukrainian " to express the hope of an future of peace and of reconciliation for the country.

L'Osservatore Romano. [ Of course the first wear is one of Herman Van Rompuy the Fund Monetary International the High Priest of Satan the master supreso the Masonic Order European creators of the aliens demons GMOs. So like the Pope John Paul II he could to ask to these antichrists of do an reference cultural approximately the Jewish-Christian roots in the European Constitution? ] Page 8. Thursday January 30 2014. At the hearing General Pope Francis HAS expressed solidarity with the workers of a factory in Florence in crisis and HAS one would expect the decided action institutions for nip wear dramatic plague social that - HAS said - hurts human dignity. These greetings to the faithful. I greet cordially the pilgrims of language French especially the young people who came from Belgium and from France particularly of the Latin scholars College Santa Teresa of Avila of Lille. I invite you to invoke often the Spirit Holy because its action transform the whole your life. Good pilgrimage and good living to all! I greet all the pilgrims of language english to present this Audience especially those from Scotland Ireland and United States. Address an greeting especially to the pilgrims of the Diocese of Rapid City accompanied by Bishop Robert Gruss. And upon all of you and your families I invoke the joy and the peace of Lord! n hearty welcome and the pilgrims of participants language German. We thank the Lord for the Sacrament of Confirmation That is fulfillment of Baptism. In Confirmation Christ gives us in help the Spirit Holy. and in this way wants to work in the world through of us will be to Him to forgive to pray to instill hope and to draw near to the needy. Lo Spirit Holy fill you of wisdom and of force. Saludo with afecto to lengua de los peregrinos española venidos de España Chile Argentina Chile México y otros países Latinoamericanos. Invitation to to todos que hemos recordar recibido the confirmación to to give gracias Dios y por él que nos ayude to apedirle como vivir y cristianos to verdaderos with caminar siempre alegría según el Espíritu Santo que hemos recibido. Dear Pilgrims of language Portuguese turn n hearty welcome to all. Be sure of thank the Lord for the gift of the sacrament of Confirmation asking That help you to live always true Christians for to confess over the world the name of Christ! Falls on of you the Blessing of Lord! Dear brothers and sisters of language Arabic especially those from the Middle East. When we open the door of our at heart Holy Holy and it let act in our lives Christ himself is present in and us by of we will to him to pray to forgive to instill hope and consolation to serve our brothers and sisters to draw near and to the needy to the last to create community to sow peace. May the Lord keep you and grant you the courage of of welcomes Pontifical Faculty of Theology Silent Workers of the Cross and the representatives of Entertainment Travelling of Bergantino urging them to be joyful witnesses of Christian values ​​of and solidarity hospitality. I also greet the group of Chefs and Florence Tuscany as well as the associations " Charter of Rome " and "Casa Alessia " encouraging each to continue the commitment to and the needy refugees. I greet the families of the workers Shelbox of Castelfiorentino with Cardinal Joseph Betori and as I express my neighborhood express vows That face it every effort possible to be the relevant instances because work That is the source of dignity both the central concern of all. That not miss work. is the source of dignity! Greetings Foundations Associate to See the National Anti-wear with the Archbishop of Bari Bishop Francis Cacucci and I hope That the institutions may intensify them commitment alongside of the victims of 'wear dramatic plague society. When a family not HAS to eat because he has to pay the mortgage the loan sharks this not is Christian not is human! and this dramatic plague social hurts inviolable dignity of person human. also thought special appeal to young people the sick and newlyweds. Next Friday we will celebrate the memory of St. John Bosco. Dear young people your shape of and father teacher guide in the years of study and training. Dear sick people not miss hope also in the hardest moments of suffering. and you dear newlyweds to be inspired model Salesian love quote in the gift reciprocal That sanctifies and saves.

The controversy historiography the deputy superintendent of River John Palatucci. [ If he had been given the Nazis an list with in the name of mother what he would have been able to do? you do you could do? die as one dumb for to make the jump your secret organization That was able to save 200000 That the Jews fleeing from the Balkans? BUT thanks to the Witnesses of Jehovah That were the first abitnti of the camps and thanks to their publications in 4 languages ​​ the Pharisees Anglo- Americans knew all that That took place in the camps and not have in fact nothing! ] Palatucci. hero disobedient. is in the library the fourth edition revised and enlarged of book of Jesuit Piersandro Vanzan and of Mariella Unleash Palatucci the Quaestor "right" (Rome Pro Sanctitate editions 2009 288 pages € 13). We publish the introduction. of Anna Foa. The story of Palatucci That alone in the eighties was almost unknown in Italy is in the last decade become known not only to specialists but also to wide public thanks to the associations That are born to them to perpetuate the memory to the writings That have multiplied around on her figure the screenplay television to his honor and more general interest aroused from rediscovery of the work of rescuers the Righteous. Everything in this correspondence as a part of the opening in 2002 of process of of beatification police commissioner on the other the work of disclosure of his image taken from Police of State Italian of which was Palatucci state official. an strong pulse to knowledge of her figure is come also from the opening in 2008 to Countryside province of Salerno of an the Museum "Itinerary of memory and of peace " in the convent of San Bartolomeo the location That between 1940 and in 1943 hosted an area of internment for foreign Jews and where John was able Palatucci to to send as many Jews River relying on the network of protection created by uncle Giovanni Maria police commissioner at the time bishop of Countryside. n path of memory to burst delayed we may say like many others That concern these dramatic years of our history That is perhaps worth of again together to better to understand the formation and the consolidation. In fact is since the years of war That the role of a young superintendent of River in the work of rescue to the Jews River was put in out in many of the Jews from to help him to escape deportation. The first records belong to the early fifties That testimony found in this book such as the Jew Croatian Olga Burger who fled in 1941 from Zagreb to which allowed Palatucci of to remain River up to 1942 and that then was transferred to Modena as interned free or like sisters Ferber that also with their families failed to to remain until River 1942 and then sent to Sarnico on lake Iseo always internment free and many other similar. Spontaneously by the action the survivors of the official recognition of Jewish institutions the pitch not was long. In 1953 to Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv a road and an the park was dedicated to the superintendent Palatucci in 1955 on the tenth anniversary of his death another initiative memorial was built in Israel devotes of an wood in Forest martyrs to Yad Vashem. Finally on April 17 1955 the Union of Jewish Communities gave him the medal of gold the memory " for your work in and for the Jews others persecuted." Initiatives of saved Jews united in the will of remember therefore That they found outlet so in the activity memorial began in Israel around to Yad Vashem as in recognition public of world Hebrew Italian. I emphasize this aspect because we have assisted recently to attempts of to put serious doubts on the work of rescue put in act by John Palatucci to River or at least for one kind of review of his image of the Saviour as in the recent volume of one scholar for more serious and prepared as Mark Coslovich. But how to reconcile these concerns with this early recognition of the Jews River turned in an time in which memory of extermination of the Jews was again heritage almost exclusively of world Jewish and in which outside society he lived in and removal oblivion much of extermination of the Jews that of the horrors of war? in vintage and not suspect of want to preserve through the image of police commissioner in an image key justificationism the Italians. We know of course That the work of Palatucci not was the only one brought about by the Italians to protect the Jews deportation. is true That as noted Coslovich this was one of the 1940 and the 1943 politics of government Italian in the areas of employment Yugoslavia and in France. But is also true That not there the testimonies of the aid worn by Palatucci Jews also later on September 8 1943 after the paper of Verona of november That demanded the arrest as the enemy of all the Jews and Italians foreigners officials That as police commissioner had joined after September 8 at Republic of Salo. So much so That your adherence to the regimen of Salo is configured as an true and just double game in which saves Palatucci from one That part of the Jews the laws require that the other of arrest fine arrest and at to deportation Dachau where he died of the young superintendent typhoid February 10 1945. We in the case of police commissioner of in front of an character That acting for protect Jews not only when is an official of state fascist but also when he is to River republican institutions and of anti-Semitic Salo la whose work crosses ie transversely years for use in point of expression Michele Sarfatti much of persecution rights that of persecution lives. an character moreover on whose accession Resistance there are testimonies from difficult to put in no doubt. One look full the story complex of in the Holocaust Italy is in relationship to time including racist laws of 1938 and in 1943 is in report to memory mythological the "good Italian " not may that to highlight the work of Palatucci like that of a conscious disobedience to legislation considered unfair. But then because of opposite to this recognition of world Hebrew Italian institutions not only silent but denied to along the quaestor died young to each title Dachau of about feeding and rather suspicious doubts about his work the police station of River? I believe That we should first of all consider what was the climate political fifties such as memory That and the institutions organs of the State had the years of fascism and of those still more terrible followed the armistice of 8 September. The idea itself of not the Holocaust was again emerged on the background of the disastrous losses of war a war remember total revolt against civilians all. The research not the Righteous was again not even begun while the amnesty again to reconcile the country stretched to cover the crimes of collaborators. Soon he spoke of the laws of 1938 la whose wound was considered one wound inflicted the Jews alone not the principles themselves of civilization. How in the Church it was again very far from addressing the node That would become central only after the Council Vatican II of role of anti-Semitism in racist persecution and Nazis and Fascists. The tradition of hostility to Jews with its corollary of push to the them conversion was again very much alive and legitimate. in the climate general in not where they were a few voices That rose like that of Caesar Merzagora to attribute to Jews themselves part of liability of persecution That had them affected as That thinking right the ministry of the Interior and of organs police would rising high the for voice enhance an them officer for your disobedience to orders? and that while the criterion of obedience orders were received used in all courts as a mitigating legally valid and of the worst acts of collaborators the Nazis themselves? No not it is surprising That Palatucci has seen deny those years all recognition from State Italian would be amazed if anything the opposite. in those years the memory of its opera belonged to Jews only. Later much later when now the climate was radically changed the memory the work of rescue brought about by Palatucci began to take force. In 1990 Yad Vashem recognized as Righteous One of Israel and I believe That is here superfluous to recall the rigor of commission enabled to recognize this tag of right archival research the evidence needed to be recognized as such. And it is by then That HAS began finally to bear fruit the work of reconstruction of the patient her each other and of solicitation of his recognition That since many years was accomplished without outcome inside Italian institutions the police in particular that recognizing finally police commissioner in that his servant that disobedient saved Jews that should stop not an embarrassing exception but also man governed That obey on his conscience and he knew to distinguish right from wrong. On March 19 1995 the government Italian gave him the medal gold Merit civil. And meanwhile the Church opened his process of canonization to investigate the Christian motivations for his actions to emphasize the That faith he had animated the act. On February 10 2004 the first phase of process close and Palatucci was declared " venerable". for the Jews That Palatucci had saved and That they moved in the fifties for find its traces in the chaos of war for many in Israel will recognize the merits Palatucci was state an man even man 's right. not the only of course but one of the Righteous. Giusti identify to recognize own because only a minority it were. But to each of them just because it responsible for their actions just because it acknowledged in how much individual must lie detection. not for excuse the rest the indifferent spectators accomplices as well That were silent but for recognize the merits of those That they knew oppose evil and injustice. Why recognize an right means acknowledging also That around to him not too many it were and bent head for cowardice for conformism for simple acquiescence. (© L'Osservatore Romano June 4 2009 )

As in 1943 the parish priest Roman John Gregorini saved five families of Jews. January 28 2014. The church Roman of St. Benedict at the gasometer is crowded in the afternoon of 26 January not for the Mass but for listen to what will be said about Don Giovanni Gregorini that of this church was pastor from 1942 to 1984 for for over forty years. Has me invited the pastor of today Don Fabio Bartoli to speak to set Monsignor Andrew Lonardo of my book Porch Octavia 13 where the figure of don Gregorini emerges alive.

[ EIH Rothschild beast! this priest Don Gregorini is an another your christian nazi? you? also he waits of to be recognized as fair between nations! ] Why don Gregorini October 16 1943 HAS welcomed in the Church four or five families of Jews giving their protection and food with a hot and loving warm That the words of the few survivors recreate with vividness. to speak are Deborah of and Veroli Constance Fatucci then two daughters of about ten years now two elderly ladies yet full of life. I of Veroli and the Fatucci lived in on Porch Octavia and 13 were able to to escape all raiding Nazi. I of Veroli went immediately in the Parish of St Benedict where his father Attilio he knew already the pastor That the received saying "Come in have had or now disposition of get you. " After that the bombing of war the church of St Benedict was rebuilt and Don continued to Gregorini being the pastor. It was also a priest known recognized for his merits pastoral but its merits as the savior of the Jews hunted not it seems have told very much. Perhaps he thought as other saviors of having done so the right and of not should boast. But the accolades are important because they represent an as for the rest of world beyond That a for gratification those who receive them. So the the Jewish community dedicated a license plate That is in the church in years not too far away at the instigation of those That were were saved. But no HAS so far the place the problem of the attribution to this human priest and brave label of "Right of nations " that well he should be given. I believe That needs to travel this road and That That man he spoke of with religion his Jewish friends and comforted the pain of the families of the victims should have its recognition in addition to other right of the world. It seems to me should have and necessary. for and he for those That HAS welcomed and saved.

[ King saudi arabia okay for her short we know well like in West all Muslims are people loving peaceful and valid but this takes place precisely because they are far away from the devil That thou art and at the same time are close to our virtue! here because you 'll end up for destroy completely between of you because you having destroyed wiped out the Christians then for this demons bring to all of you madness! ] The patriarch Bartholomew to Paris speaks of religious freedom much more of mere tolerance. The religious freedom is much of more That the mere tolerance of differences. is because in substance HAS pointed out the patriarch Ecumenical of Constantinople Bartholomew in the first of its interventions in program during of visit of three days January 28 to 30 to Paris where he will receive the degree honoris causa at the Institut catholique. Speaking just arrived in the capital Transalpine the Academy of Sciences and the moral political Patriarch Has pronounced also talk on religious freedom in occasion of seventeenth centenary the edict of Milan. Recalling the context of widespread secularization That characterized in particularly Western society and the contemporary and just in apparently contradictory appreciation of role of religion in the field anthropological spiritual cultural and social the patriarch hAS stressed like that of "human rights and probably the central issue the religions." In fact " between human rights that of freedom of religion is the biggest challenge That religions have dealt with ".

[ All perversions endemic of system masonic of seigniorage banking stolen the constitutional sovereignty ] with and the workers the victims of loan sharks. victims of usury ( mortgage mortgage impossible to pay in times of recession ) and laborers That they are losing the job I had come this morning to meet the Pope "to make the full of hope and solidarity " for to feel" less alone his courage and find also the power of fight for a life the better. " The representatives of See Italian anti-wear and the workers of Shelbox of Castelfiorentino have presented to the Pope one next to the other their " dramatic stories lived in suburbs of a company That considering people problems such as waste from marginalize. " to give voice to the widespread service of See the national anti-wear have joints Piazza San Pietro on over twenty-five hundred. with the priests and the volunteers That animate twenty-eight and federations the centers of listening throughout Italy there were many people who are victims of usury or to risk of fall in the hands of usurers they speak of four millions of families Italy. and with them many victims of extortion of former players gambling and " That people live under the preservation of state away from them because families are threatened by organized crime " he explains Monsignor Alberto D'Urso vice president and secretary general of consult. " The Pope we have ask of encourage us - he adds - especially in an time of That crisis serious already difficult situations." and "We want to reaffirm That is can exit grip wear and free from the addiction of play provided that there is more prevention more sober more solidarity more loyalty and above all an escort and spiritual practical for who is finished in poverty. " and just for witness " the neighborhood of the Church to the practical problems of people" the cardinal archbishop of Florence Giuseppe Betori Has this morning wanted to be near at the delegation of the workers of the company Shelbox of Castelfiorentino come to to submit to the Pope with their dramatic situation. "Today with Pope Francis we feel less alone and back to home with more courage for fight for the future of our families." (© L'Osservatore Romano January 30 2014 )

mortgage loan impossible to pay in times of recession ) all perversions endemic of system masonic of seigniorage banking stolen the constitutional sovereignty for destroy the peoples in degradation total and then slaughter them in a war world why what that Ezra Paund guessed it Scientist Hyacinth Auriti then HAS proven scientifically but judges and politicians Masons Bildenberg have wanted to continue to betray too is sweet to suck the blood of the poor! ] While catechesis dedicated to the sacrament of confirmation by the Pope an appeal appeal for workers crisis labor source of dignity. The work not should miss. is " the source of dignity." So it must be the " central concern of all " especially the " competent bodies" That cause not to miss no. is the new urgent call of Pope Francis in defense workers launched this morning Wednesday January 29th at the hearing in general Piazza San Pietro. The occasion is the been best from presence of of some families workers employees of a factory in Tuscany in serious difficulties. That difficulty not of often end for just drag and families in the dramatic vortex wear. an danger this That you is coincidentally manifested in all your with drama the presence at the hearing of an group of victims of loan sharks. is it seemed almost natural connection the words addressed by Pope Francis to the families of the workers in crisis with the hard condemnation of usury. "When a family not HAS to eat - HAS said the Pope - because he has to pay the mortgage the loan sharks " we are in to before something That "not is Christian not is human! " but That is rather " a dramatic plague social That hurts inviolable dignity of person human." Shortly before the Holy Father had developed a reflection on the sacrament of confirmation. an sacramento HAS said which perhaps gives little importance. However "it is so important in the life of a Christian " because " it gives us the force for go ahead " HAS reiterated. with the confirmation united baptism and in the Eucharist HAS explained is completed that single event salvation " which is called " Christian initiation " " through which " we become the new creatures and limbs of the Church. " an event which not is alien the presence of Spirit Holy and with his gifts. and to this way Pope Francis Has announced That precisely to the seven gifts of Spirit Holy will dedicate the ideas proposed during general audiences not just finish those devoted to the sacraments.

Ja On Bull Baal Marduk Illuminati Spa IMF ECB Fed NWO aliens esoteric agenda Rothschild god owl whore slut of Satan also these sisters christian nazi? also they wait of to be recognized even among the righteous of the nations and then the two of us will talk about of like you have given the money to Hitler for him oriented to.. ] Tuesday January 28 2014. "Operation of rescue." Hidden in the institute of St. Joseph of Chambéry. My personal tribute in the " Day of Memory" for to honor all those men and those women That to risk of your life not have hesitated even just moment to tending the their hand to our brothers in danger *** hidden in the institute of St. Joseph of Chambéry. Operation of rescue. of Giovanni Preziosi. The Institute of the Sisters of S. Joseph of Chambéry in on of Casaletto to horse between the end of 1943 and the beginning of 1944 in Rome was now firmly in the hands of the German occupying forces That immediately they became protagonists of raids against Jews. Leontine and Segre the head of school Jewish " Vittorio Polish " Elena Ravenna persuaded That the them fate was now marked and noting That many monasteries had opened wide their for doors to welcome those who were being hunted by the Nazi- fascists in the aftermath of the armistice they decided of turn to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry for ask of conceal their sons and grandsons inside of them institute in on of Casaletto. Sr. Emerenziana Bolledi. " In fact those terrible days the Holy Father Pius XII - wrote on the wire of memory Sister Ferdinanda - he asked to all the religious communities of Rome of open the doors to these persecuted brethren. Our top welcomed those That presented themselves. " The main architects of this operation of rescue were the then a novice Sister Emerenziana Bolledi and the head of school Sister Ferdinanda Corsets both for since in fact in those years in 1997 were recognized by Yad Vashem Righteous among nations. The danger of sudden inspections Nazi was again lurking considered That precisely to walking distance inside of House Coen the Germans had set up a base of means armored. Often taking advantage of proximity some soldiers did visit the sisters and someone like an captain of name Sigmund conversing even to play the harmonium in church throwing in panic That the refugees hiding in the classrooms of first floor transformed for the occasion accommodation of luck. This is repeated each time from the center of Rome came the call of Sister Anna Maria with the word order " of the brothers sister Wilhelmina are located near to us 'to then immediately concierge Sister Anastasia Palombi was forced to adopt special measures of security because in the vicinity of the institute loitering the German patrols. to even mark conventional men ran to hide in the reeds while women dressed up by sisters pretending to bed sick or " involved in the work of the kitchen the garden dressed with apron and handkerchief around the head. " Jewish girls however the nuns had handed over the documents of some pupils southern That still not were come back in the capital in so that That they could to attend school without the fear That could be recognized. One evening presented themselves at the door the institute two officers armed That they said to Sister Clotilde and to Sister Ferdinanda of seeing Jews in of the convent. Taken at surprise the nuns without resistance accompanied them to inspect the premises taking care of not give them access to the upper floors where they had hidden Jews not had in fact had the time of warn of visit sudden. The anguish the sisters grew when the two soldiers were on the point of go up to the floor top but after a few moments of hesitation went away away. Cardinal Vicar Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani The principles of November two German soldiers asked of seize the whole house for their ish sick comrades. " They came in machine - writes Mother Superior - and they stopped in front of the Institute speaking between them and in consultation a paper topographic map. Meanwhile returning to home two of displaced admitted to the orphanage were That stops by the Germans they asked they of who was then building. They said That was the sisters of St. Joseph to dependence of the Holy See. (...) They asked then what was the way for go to the Vatican That makes us to suppose points out the religious That wanted ask the permission of seize the house or of search it. " for to avert the danger the superior provincial Sister Jacinta Salustri - Galli through Cardinal Vicar of Rome Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani December 5th 1943 he decided of please contact directly to Voice of state of the Holy See for ask for advice because the Cardinal Maglione the responsibility was great " date quality and the number of people admitted to the Institute " and to then needed use throughout possible caution. Father Pancrazio Pfeiffer for unravel the intricate story he was charged the superior general of the Salvatorians Father Pancrazio Pfeiffer who was recommended of 'do for the possible steps to avert the dreaded measure'using That knowledge he had in the upper echelons of command German military. Evidently all went to considered successful That in the short span of a few weeks on December 25 Monsignor Montini wrote to Sister Jacinta for reassure her That the Voice of the State it was already activated for " make it less precarious the peace of meritorious Institute." of rest role of first piano played the Holy Head Office in this is the service network supported also by letter That January 17 1944 addressed to Cardinal Maglione superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph for to express the gratitude of Pope pleading " on Cotesti so beloved children the rewards of ineffable divine mercy so that shortening the days of much pain grants to them the Lord also serene peaceful and prosperous future. Meanwhile in a pledge of particular benevolence His holiness grateful also to Codest beloved Sisters (...) for the work of mercy That exercising with much Christian understanding send them and to the dear refugees Comforter Apostolic Blessing. "

[ letter open in the synagogue Bildenberg of Satan the system masonic of antichrists Herman Van Rompuy ] [ your words condemn you as murderers terrorists international criminals of course you will be punished! The fate of Assad is only in the hands of people Syrian in contrast That all those people you killed and all those destructions That you did would happened to no avail c 'is who hAS given la life for deserve your electoral sovereignty like all Christians slaughtered the Salafi Saudi them how will they go to to vote? the life of these martyrs and their martyrdom must be respected if then we you know what it means the word democracy then judgment about Assad is up the the polls only! ] Syria stalled negotiations on the future of Assad is stall to Geneva on the third day of meetings of the delegation of government Syrian and the opposition. [ Syria Bonino on the future Assad must decide delegations 2 ]

Benjamin Netanyahu my dear brother Major! You must know That in fury vigor youth not able to me the Torah to offer a woman illegally I I raped with such impetus the mattress That I I are circumcised from only lol. must have been for this That God YHWH He Has me mistaken for an jew! lol. However I recommend this my revelation very confidential not you to say ride! lol. sorry Bibi I not I would like to become also I a joke like is become a joke Francois Hollande the anticrist racks of super antichrists Herman Van Rompuy

Benjamin Netanyahu after Pentecost the Spirit Holy before was descended on the Apostles and then was descended on the whole the people and therefore were happening things really crazy! almost all the Jews wanted to become Christians and it was indeed impossible distinguergli from other traditional Jews because not Christians they had again a religion indeed with their religion it was just the Jewish religion so the priests of supreme council became all phobic for the anger and cursed everything the people because also those That not were become Christians however also them talking well of Jesus and of course talking bad scribes and Pharisees therefore they were forced to make a violent persecution therefore in a meeting in despair of the Sanhedrin one he said in on that fateful council supreme " all of those people are cursed! they are all sons of bitch! " and also another said "If you are the sons of bitch then the mother is for sure and the father is uncertain " here because the leaders the chief priests the Sadducees and Pharisees forced the people to to waive the paternal genealogies and to wear the illegal maternal genealogies here for have been the Pharisees Illuminati to make planning of every Holocaust against the Jews now downgraded to goyim. Why no murder and with cock That Satan would have preserved for them the power over the world! then when with the Kabbalah ( magic black ) they have as an body genetically modified demons then we had the various generations of the aliens and the them varied typology then in fact they are the aliens That through the fund monetary international have acquired the domain the system Masonic Bildenberg. here because you're all for die! [ Now since drama more serious since what That is true 100% we pass to what That is true 50% that is to make an little of humor lol. and this is also the reason for which quell'anemico antichrist of Herman Van Rompuy resembles so much well the zombie of an vampire. ]

Jan. 30 1442 #ROME [ this is the art of misdirection for nasconere crimes much larger so la gravity is a criminal an other. I I heard of a bill passed in an minutes with Swiss precision time of opening of formal BEDROOM while all opposition not were able to enter into classroom ] Very serious sexist insults against the deputies. Thus President of Room Laura Boldrini during the Office of president says - second because reportedly - as denounced by deputies Pd That would be were insulted by the exponent M5S De Rosa.

M5S Boldrini sexist insults serious. [ We can joke make of humor but this demonstrates the of gravity tension That you breathe in the parliament and That unfortunately if not is loose this the tax burden shameful you will breathe soon also in all the country! ] President said as denounced by deputies Democratic Party. Jan. 30 1442 [ok compensation me with an compliment and an apprezamento because you are beautiful women affascinti about these allegations sexist insults grave ] lol. eh if you all and three there trovevate instead just when I I an boy self- repressed? sorry but lol. now is too late and if I not I transgressed from young man? sure I not I can transgress now That I am so old man! lol.

Barroso backs Italy against the EU pain death - "Any decision on the case can have an impact on the overall relations between the European Union and India and will be evaluated carefully." And 'the warning That after two years in Europe launches to New Delhi in the case of the marines and Tower Pool hostage of a justice Indian That not still can to formulate an head of accusation. to launch Jose Manuel Barroso in the conference press Enrico Letta after the visit of delegation of the government to Brussels. with an energetic call to "respect the law and international the the United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea" [ [ and in this case the jurisdiction not is of India and this for India is the only her yet of salvation why are were the secret services of Kerala to kill the two poor fishermen Catholics ( chosen because they were on a boat call Sant Antony ) to burn fur intentionally for make an act of piracy against Italy like show pads ballistic! ]]. The chief executive European takes one the net position without hesitation. also because Barroso That adds the European Union " encourages " India to find " urgently" a solution " of mutual satisfaction." The intervention decided of the EU was that That from months asked all the political forces and Italian That today many MEPs reiterated in the meeting with the prime minister shortly before of his visit accompanied among others by the Minister the Foreign Emma Bonino the European Commission. The words of Mr Barroso are an jump of quality policy. Since time service diplomacy of the European Union working in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but the words of President of the Commission opened a perspective different. Underlined by the same Letta " The solidarity of the partner is the EU most important for a solution That we think can get and hopefully arrive as quickly as possible."

Italia e Francia hanno perso ogni dignità per consentire un nazista finanziere internazionale penale Terrorismo complottatore islamica in Egitto magnaccia con l'Iran per la rovina di Israele, ecc .. come la Turchia salafita del Ottoman Erdogan protagonista di una repressione severa e continua del dissenso interno e purghe di purghe di regime a tutti i livelli istituzionali contro l'esercito e la magistratura atti criminali contro la democrazia, senza di cui sopra in Turchia dal dopo il genocidio degli armeni, infatti, è in calo la popolarità Erdogan a causa della crisi politica innescata da tangentopoli Bosforo, ecc .. ecc .. [Cioè l'Italia e la Francia sono criminali satanisti massoni leccare Bildenberg di Rothschild che vuole rovinare Israele. Tutti questi criminali di prendere in considerazione anche da sola idea criminale per essere in grado di ottenere una Turchia di stile in Europa per starter finalmente la civiltà ebraico-cristiana. questa è la realtà culturale unica che è hanno permettere i diritti umani e la democrazia] qui perché in tutta la Lega Araba non è possibile la democrazia perché hanno praticamente spazzato via i cristiani!

Turkey tangentopoli they continue 'purges '[France whore Italy bitch I'm That year the turkey of erdogan commits crimes against the democracy and to you rewarded with get it get in Europe? ok! ve the I'll pay! ] Transferred 90 prosecutors and removed 530 security executives. Jan. 30 1331 #ANKARA New 'purges 'the Prosecutor of Istanbul where they are were transferred office 90 of the 192 prosecutors including managers That the anti-corruption investigations involving personalities close to the government of Prime Minister Recep #Tayyip Erdogan. Also are removed and a further 530 executives officers of public safety. of the explosion tangentopolies of Bosphorus January 17 are been removed approximately 5 thousand managers and officials of police and 120 magistrates.

[But lo exploitation shameful and of corruption multinationals Spa IMF USA have an enormous responsibility with the degradation of all america of south therefore are they that must make good the damage procured because the system Capitalisico USA HAS in fact to sink in a condition really dangerous of degradation also Mexico ] 30 January 1603 #SAO PAULO President of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil Joaquim Barbosa HAS expressed harsh criticisms of the system of prisons in the country That HAS called " hell " under the control of the greatest gang drug traffickers. " The Brazilian prisons are unfit for human beings. Lo last year I visit and some the word most appropriate for and define 'horror " Has denounced Barbosa accusing of politicians disinterested because " the prisons not lead votes."

Jan. 30 1540 #KIEV [for the them shit satanic ideology the Communists have killed hundreds of millions of innocent people in time of peace whether communism not will be criminalized in all the world not there can never be peace! certainly I will go to hang personally Kim Jong-un ] n another monument dedicated to Lenin is Been down in night in Ukraine. According to the police strangers are served of a string for to collapse to the ground a statue of 6 meters dedicated of the craftsman Bolshevik Revolution to Fastiv in the region of Kiev. Gestures are similar repeatedly been made of by recent radical nationalist groups which are present in That the anti-government demonstrators protesting by weeks in the second the most populous republic the former Soviet Union after Russia

Jan. 30 1548. NEW YORK The U.S. are first criminal country in the world with the DataGATE have completed your their career criminal! With the shield spatial have rendered useless all intercontinental missiles then is That normal cruisers should be a alternative inevitable ]. The U.S. they believe That the Russia has tested new cruise missiles and I would informed in recent days NATO allies reports the New York Times noting That the what arouses apprehension on respect from part of Moscow of one historical treatise on the control arms. I would test which began in 2008 and second the NYT are prohibited by the Treaty Reagan - Gorbachev signed by the U.S. and USSR in 1987. for now however no confirmation or complaint an officer of Casa Bianca because it is That she must be denounced.

Jan. 30 1342 #ROME [such it can lead to corruption of Satanism of all generations Americans? the blasphemy desecration sacrilege here are of house and dress of pink is something of Obama can be truly proud of now we you know That are 322 Bush and Kerry Bildenberg Spa instigators criminals of pussy profanatrici of Churches ] Madonna will be on stage to together with the New York pussy Riot. Mary Aliokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova two of the activists of the Russian punk band will appear with the pop star at the concert of Amnesty International ( for rights Satanist cannibals ) That to be held at the Barclays Center of Brooklyn February 5 but not will sing. Lo Has announced the same Amnesty International reported the online edition of Time. There are also other celebrities such as Bob Geldof and Blondie Yoko Ono.

Authors identified attacks Volgograd. There are two Dagestan arrested also two flankers. Jan. 30 1148 #MOSCOW [all those That they say sharia is good are the principals of each attack terrorist! ] I identified the two suicide bombers attacks of the two authors year-end to Volgograd That have caused a total of 34 deaths. It is of Two Dagestan. Arrested also two flankers. It makes known to the committee the national counter-terrorism.

Malta magazine 'sale 'citizenship. Required to reside in the country for an year EU satisfaction Jan. 30 0938 #BRUSSELS [ the Nazis in Europe of system Masonic are accustomed to rape political sovereignty because they infringed the monetary sovereignty then the constitution is just an in fact theoretical ] Malta Has decided of review the project of for law "sell" citizenship to not applicants Europe. Second an release joint EU -Malta will be 'inserted between the requirements an period of residence in the country of at least an year. The Commission That with the Parliament European had criticized the project " hailed with for the announcement of the changes." The Citizenship European not is for sale had say a few days ago the Commissioner to justice Viviane Reding.

Jan. 30 1116 AVIV [ and what does group Humanitarian International Oxfam all the times That also a Christian was killed in the alloy Arabic and are all murders ideological made by in an islam satanic very racist and violator of human rights you are so humanitarian that you have condemned to death Israel ] The American actress Scarlett Johansson not it will be 'ambassador 'of Oxfam group humanitarian international with which Has collaborated over the past eight years. Reason of choice are the criticisms That Johannson Has been for your decision of to be the new 'face 'of SodaStream company Israeli of sodas That Has Also one plant to Maleeh Adumim a colony of Jews in West Bank.

Sochi Pentagon renews offer help for to ensure safety. U.S. spokesman Moscow not interested. Jan. 30 0903 #WASHINGTON [ if Obama not come from? Then you can go to do in ass! and That is there? the sexual perversion for you is as of fashion That of course this invitation you will be pleased! ] The Pentagon Has renovated your own offer to Russian Federation of contribute to security of the Olympic Games Sochi Moscow however HAS pointed out the spokesman of the Pentagon Admiral John Kirby not HAS shown interest in the proposed. The Secretary at Defense USA Chuck Hagel and his counterpart Sergei Choïgou have however accepted of establish means of communication That permit to senior officials of the two countries for talking on a case- of needs during the Games.

Jan. 30 0855 #TEHRAN [ if you beatings your main protector ( of the dog rothschild ) then as declared by you yourself That Israel Has right! ] Iran Has rejected calling it " unrealistic and non- constructive " the speech the nation uttered yesterday by U.S. President Barack Obama and HAS criticized the views expressed by the head of Casa Bianca in made ​​ of the sanctions program of nuclear Tehran. And 'what emerges from statements of spokesperson of ministry Iranian Foreign Marziyeh Afkham reported by the Agency the official news agency IRNA.

Jan. 30 0816. #KABUL [a these murders you have to get used to are made ​​in hollywood Qatar Saudi Arabia serving to deceive the world about the real project imperialistic started by satanist Muhammad after all is with terrorism That the league ARAB it is exaggerated in these 1400 years of murders! Kosovo and Nigeria? for lost forever! ] Two attacks one of which caused by an suicide bombers are to have taken place today Jalalabad capital of province Afghanistan east of Nangarhar with an budget provisional of at least two dead both agents of police. Lo the agency said of print Pajhwok.
The action of the suicide bomber occurred at six of morning district of Pachiragam is was claimed by the Taliban. The second burst of nature not yet identified is happened hours later close to the bridge of Behsud.

Jan. 30 1844 #WARSAW [ Obama son of bitch you have filled in the Syria armed up teeth 120000 jihadists and well you complaining about? ] The United States said "concerned " by the " delay of government Syrian in the transfer of his chemical arsenal more dangerous still the " least of 5% "means HAS said from Warsaw the head of the Pentagon Chuck Hagel. the delay is due " to difficult situation on the ground" HAS said the representative Syrian OPAC. also the body Has expressed " alive concern."

Obama though I I your parish priest when you were coming from me to ask confirmation I took you to kick in the ass because those who commit an alone abortion he says that the life of all mankind not is sacred in fact you're an animal evolved of where Rothschild the Pharisee Satanist he can do that that he wants to like is written in his Talmud ( goyim not are men but the animals shape human )! rather you can close the tube for you bitches! because desacralize la life human means That all that That you can do it on animals you can do it also man.